[v1] Q-Field

  • Q-Field isn’t in the latest docs, but still works.
    To know if it is depricated would be great, as some refactoring is needed anyway.

    Thanks for your effort.

  • QField has been removed in v1, as it is now built into QInput and QSelect. 😄


  • Thanks for the answer. I
    was guessing that - but in contrast to other depricated elements it seems (currently) to work as expected.
    I do fully understand, that the doc for new version is a WiP; even if I exspect the upgrade guide to be some of the latter stuff, such information what WILL survive and what WILL die would be great in early stages. It is no bug or flaw if this isn’t documented early, but if it is, I think it would help many users to refactor to v1.0 while 1.0. is approaching.

  • Sure. The upgrade guide is coming. That will make a lot of the changes clearer. You can see the draft here:



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