@quasar/extras v1.1.0 released! [v1 only]

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    Quasar Icon Set “themify” will also be available on v1.0.0-beta.5.

    Package quasar.conf.js extras name Version Description
    Roboto Font roboto-font CDN v18 Recommended font along Material theme
    Roboto Font Latin Extended roboto-font-latin-ext CDN v18 Recommended font along Material theme
    Material Icons [UPDATED] material-icons CDN v43 Material icons font
    MDI (Material Design Icons) [UPDATED] mdi-v3 3.4.93 Extended Material Design icons font
    Font Awesome [UPDATED] fontawesome-v5 5.7.2 Fontawesome icons font
    Ionicons ionicons-v4 4.4.5 Ionicons font
    Eva Icons eva-icons 1.1.1 Eva Icons font
    Themify Icons [NEW!] themify 1.0.0 Themify Icons font
    Animate.css Use animations prop 3.5.2 Bundle of animations you can use in your website/app

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