Quasar v1.0-beta.4 released!

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    • fix(QInput): [v1] Float label overlaps with browsers autocomplete #3338
    • feat(quasar): QSelect - use an options-height independent way to hidrate list (#3341)
    • feat(Touch*): further improvements to touch directives
    • fix(QRouteTab): avoid setting click/keyup events
    • ie(QSelect): Use ‘auto’ instead of ‘unset’ for compatibility with IE for the menu (#3329)
    • fix(QPopupProxy): [v1] Date Picker - Vertical scrollbar shouldn’t appear #3259
    • fix(QDate): [v1]QDate - Two buttons overlap #3324
    • fix(QDate): [v1]QDate - Height of mini date picker #3325
    • fix(quasar): Update zh-hant language pack for QDate
    • feat(QUploader): [v1] Suggestion for QUploader: Reintroduce fixed field names for files in the uploaded form data #3318
    • Fix distorted UI on dense checkbox/radio (#3319)
    • chore(quasar): add quasar.common.js to the build
    • fix(QSelect): [v1] QSelect lazy loading with map options spews “Cannot read property ‘find’ of null” stack traces #3315
    • fix(QSelect): [v1] q-select multiple with chips doesn’t lock disabled entries #3314
    • fix(QStepper): V1: Qstep with :disable=‘false’ will reset the stepper to step1 when next is triggered. #3307
    • fix(QSelect): Scroll not possible when max-height is larger than height of 20 items
    • fix(quasar): QDialog does not accept class attribute #3299
    • fix(quasar): [v1] Maximized Dialogs breaks page scrolling if closed after minimizing #3310
    • fix(QDate): [v1]QDate - What day of the week is incorrect #3297
    • fix(Panel): [v1] QCarouselSlide cannot handle name=“0”. #3295
    • fix(QBtnToggle): [v1] QBtnToggle - Icon-Text-Margin missing #3294

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