(v-1..3b) Uploader in Carousel/Stepper/TabPanel

  • Persistence seems to be broken when switching between frames in QCarousel, QStepper and QTabPanel. I am making an app that is essentially a wizard, and each frame has a different dialog to complete. In my first run at this I ended up using a Carousel with each frame calling a module to encapsulate the logic for each step. The first step used an uploader. After switching to beta, I ported my code. I was a bit dismayed when, after clicking to frame two and the backing up to the uploader frame, that my uploader was fully reset.
    My quandary is:
    Is this is the intended behavior for the carousel, tab-panel and stepper components moving forward?
    Is there a plan to maintain state for these components?
    Is the uploader behaving correctly?

    It’s a small project, and re-rendering each component, or, for that matter, duplicating the data in order to preserve state, seems a complete waste of resources, considering that the browser is just sitting there holding the end result.

    For clarification the DOM looks like this:

    –> Page.vue
    ----> (QCarousel || QTabPanel || QStepper)
    ------>[frame] > Component1.vue (w uploader)
    ------>[frame] > Component2.vue … etc.

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