Q-Select 1.0.beta

  • Hi everyone,
    I have a very simple q-select that works in 0.17.* but is doesn’t work now in 1.0.beta
    <q-select v-model="user.address.province_id" :options="provinces" label="Province" class="q-ma-md" />

    The options="provinces" works fine it displays all the provinces however it doesn’t select automatically on the provinces array.

    Here is the picture.

    Before it works fine on the previous version. Thanks.

  • `computed: {
    selectedProvince: {
    get () {
    return _.find(this.provinces, {
    value: this.user.address.province_id
    set (val) {


  • what doesn’t get selected? better refer to the docs https://v1.quasar-framework.org/vue-components/select. there are new ways not to get the value, the normal usage is the model getting the whole object. probably look into the emit-value props.

  • @Kentoncloud I assume that 128 in your picture is the id of the province. Then you will probably need the new prop ‘map-options’.

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