• Very bad documentation, you are not organized developers.
    Maybe me help you???

  • @Diggity - Unfortunately the quality of your comment shows that your attention to grammar is not going to be of much assistance to us while we prepare the documentation. Nevertheless, because we are an open-source project we welcome well-formed pull-requests. Obviously you are an organized developer so you shouldn’t have a problem doing that.

  • Admin

    Awesome condescending comment. Any arguments?

  • The documentation for v1.0.0-beta.2 was very poor compared to version V0.17.19, please fix it!

  • Poor is merely an adjective. Explain with words.

  • @nothingismagick
    The layout where the code gets looked ugly!
    The code was on the left side and the presentation on the right side in a cellular or desktop mode.

    It was just so much better before!

  • @fabio and @Diggity :
    Forgive me for being direct, but I think that the tone and content of your comment is very disrespectful.

  • Ugly is subjective - what exactly bothers you about it?
    I always hated the separation of code and presentation.

    It was so much less useful before!

  • @paul sorry i use google translate and it changes the meaning of some word

  • Okay, I suggest we take a poll to find out who liked the new version of the documentation!

  • The new version of the docs is very useful and pleasant to read

  • @fabio Thanks. Note that " … please fix it !" is a kind of directive which is 100% incompatible with open source development.
    Maybe what can help you is to imagine that the people reading your text are standing in front of you.

    Apart from that, I think that both content and presentation of the documentation is extraordinary.

  • @fabio - what @paul said is really true. When you use language like that it is not only typical of privileged first world chauvinism, but also demotivational. You are just saying FIX IT because you serve me. We do not serve you. The community serves itself, and you are acting like an outsider here. We welcome everyone, but if you are unable to articulate what you need and how you are prepared to get involved, you come across as a troll who is really unfortunately wasting everyone’s time.

  • would loved if the api sections ie.props, events etc… are in alphabetical order tho, i know there is a filter but would’ve been more helpful if it was in order since not many like me memorized or since there are many new props added, also maybe a section for the components or functionalities that was renamed or removed. coming from v0.17 got me confused where is what in v1. thx for good updates.

  • @metalsadman - Start an issue on Github for the suggestion. Prefix it with [v1 docs].


  • I sure would not phrase it that way.

    But I am trying to use it today. I want a split button. The docs look so comprehensive.
    But when you click on any example, it shows “Option selected”.
    I do not find which option was selected.

    I play, I fiddle, I get nowhere. I cry for a simple example.
    "Basic usage: Simple dropdown " does not show any code. No click handlers.
    I cut and paste it anyway. It does exactly what I think (nothing).

    More samples, with code, would be my suggestion for improving the docs.
    You documented a select control without showing how to find what was selected.

    I can see where router links are covered, but not a simple click handler.

    The OP is rude. I disagree with his attitude. And I know how hard it is to write docs.

    Googling for help with quasar is, so far, a bit of a disappointment. This kind of answer I would hope to find in any number of blog/tutorial/samples. But there are surprisingly few. Not sure why that is (cf eg vue). I think that is what exacerbates the aggravation.

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    Sorry for the typos.

  • What is a “split button”. What do you mean by “how to find what was selected”?

    The thing is, and this goes for everyone complaining about the docs, the docs are aimed at people who understand the basics. The basics of JavaScript and the basics of Vue. If you don’t have those under your belt, then yes, the docs probably won’t be helping you as you’d imagine and may even be frustrating.

    You see, Quasar is a framework. It and we must assume you have the basics down pat and we won’t be teaching you the basics either. I myself just barely know the basics and I can get amazing things done with Quasar and that is the beauty of both Vue and Quasar. However, none of it is possible without some basics. Ask this question first, when you are facing an issue with the docs. Is it possibly a gap in my own knowledge? 9 time out of 10, it will be, so you simply need to learn more of the basics. Put the frustration into action in learning the basics. Then come back here. You’ll probably go, “Oh boy. Why didn’t I know that to begin with?”

    Believe me I know. It still happens to me, all the time. 😁


  • I suppose that is terminology from the last js framework I had to learn, (sencha). Took many long years to acquire “the basics” there.

    A split button is shown at

    The first example, “Basic Usage” is a template only. Where’s the click handling?
    All the examples display only a mouse event (how to map that to an item?)

    Of course I don’t have the basics. You have to start somewhere. Your point is well taken.
    But does not change what happens in the real world.
    I need a split button. I want to handle clicks. The docs don’t get me going.

    I guess the best docs I used were ones that had user comments.
    (It’s a helluva moderation job for someone).
    But that’s where I found most examples and snippets and pointers that were really helpful.
    It’s extremely hard for one who knows the basics to anticipate what puzzle piece is missing.
    User contributions at the pain point helped a lot.

    Back to basics is good advice but not always easy to follow. I still gotta produce something at the end of the day.

    Excellent article, thank you. Need more guys like you writing about quasar.

  • I think quasar v1.0 docs as simple as reading the official vue js docs. But we hope to put more live examples in codepen or source code for using many api of the components, ie other events, slots, methods. We need a proper search engine for the components as well.

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