@quasar/testing with Jest does not print location of failed tests (stack trace)

  • I have found the solution to this problem, but thought it would be a good idea to post in order to help others AND make a suggestion to the overlords such as @nothingismagick

    After adding @quasar/testing to a Quasar project, the jest.setup.js file prevents the stack trace of failed tests being printed to the console with the following line:

    // jest speedup when errors are part of the game
    Error.stackTraceLimit = 0

    Whilst working with Quasar, I have come across several things which are different to stock Vue projects which have cost me a decent amount of time investigating. It seems to me that the most seamless experience for new Quasar users would be to create initial conditions that are as close as possible to those of Vue, and then provide optimisations that require “opting in” by uncommenting the relevant lines.

    When you’re used to seeing the exact position of a failed test, to not have that stack trace all of a sudden is a tad disorienting.

  • @Jezzta667 - It has also cost me a decent amount of time building this system. It seem to me that the most seamless experience for new Quasar users would be to join the Discord server. We have a dedicated #testing channel and I can assure you that I triage problems with the BETA version of testing as soon as I am made aware of them. I am sorry that you had problems, but this is BETA. We are ironing out the kinks

  • @nothingismagick you have misunderstood the tone of my post. I am not complaining about my lost time, merely reporting my experience and suggestions, as is the nature of BETA.

    I am incredibly grateful for the work that has gone into Quasar, hence why I am a Patreon supporter despite despising Patreon. I have also personally messaged you in the past thanking you for posts that allowed me to get Jest testing working on a Vue CLI project.

    I haven’t looked at the Discord server at any great length, but rest assured that the most seamless experience for new Quasar users will be to match the default settings of Vue as closely as possible. Maximum familiarity and ease-of-use is going to be important for Quasar to retain people who are only dipping their toes in the water.

  • FYI @quasar/testing-unit-jest@1.0.0-beta.9 has just been released @Jezzta667

  • @nothingismagick You guys are doing such an awesome job addressing all the issues cropping up. I can imagine you’re working your butts off. It’s very much appreciated.

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