Update on vue-cli for v1-beta

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    vue-cli-plugin-quasar@beta is available now for v1 – until docs get deployed again (with quasar beta.3), see instructions here https://goo.gl/ZMGD1P

    Again, we remind everyone that we recommend to take the Quasar CLI path instead as cross-platform support with Vue CLI 3 is handled by community plugins and these are not tightly integrated with Quasar as with Quasar CLI and may have issues. You will not benefit from the full power of what Quasar can do for you if you choose the vue-cli path.

  • Personally I see the vue-cli-plugin as a “gateway” to Quasar. Its important that we have it, but you are very right Razvan, users will not have tight coupling with the rest of the Quasar ecosystem if they use this.

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