Quasar v1.0-beta.2 released!

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    • IE11 compatibility has been taken care of.

    • Great improvements on TouchSwipe, TouchHold, TouchRepeat (check the docs again pls)

    • fix(quasar): “en-uk” language pack should be “en-gb” #3226

    • fix(quasar): Some icon reference material-icons regardless of chosen Quasar icon set (QInput/QSelect, QBtnDropdown).

    • fix(Dialog plugin): proxy all QDialog properties

    • fix(QDialog): Dialog hides scrollbar [1.0] #3212

    • fix(quasar): Don’t skip keys that have null value in $root.$options on fillInject (#3236)

    • feat(quasar): Make QInput textarea respect rows attribute when autogrow is removed (#3231)

    • fix(QUploader): Fix headers prop, add withCredentials and fields props

    • fix(quasar): ClickOutside - use event listeners without prevent (#3264)

    • fix(quasar): QPopupProxy - use dialog on small height (landscape) (#3265)

    • fix(QDate): Remove invalid update on destroy (#3255)

    • fix(QColor): Increase padding to avoid scrollbar and fix off-by-one top (#3256)

    • fix(QCheckbox/QToggle/QRadio): Fix double/triple triggering, fix QToggle icon (#3257)

    • fix(QTable): Progress bar placement

    • fix(QLinearProgress): Beginning of indeterminate state animation

    • perf(QIcon): Faster rendering icons

    • QIcon: support for Themify icons #3203

    • QSelect: new prop (hide-dropdown-icon)

    • QSplitter: new props (before-class, after-class)

    • QInput/QSelect: new prop -> “square” – forces square borders

  • Excellent work!

  • The beta fixes and enhancements are insanely fast…can’t describe how awesome u are @rstoenescu

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