How to UPGRADE from Quasar 0.17 to 1.0 beta

  • Hi guys,

    First of all, congratulation for this new awesome version of Quasar ! It’s just all what i was looking for to develop my project !
    But today i really need your help guys…
    My project is running with quasar 0.17 and today i wanted to upgrade to the last version 1.0 beta for the new features.
    So first i upgraded the quasar-cli in global and then i started to compare a new project created with the new cli to mine previously created with the 0.17 version… After multiples errors related to the quasar.conf.js and babel that i fixed, now it build but the compile fails with 9 errors… The problem is that I don’t know what those errors are … As you can see :

    alt text

    How to know what those errors are or what is the best way to upgrade from 0.17 to 1.0 beta please ?

    Thanks in advance !

  • You can´t expect to upgrade to v1 and have the CLI tell you what to change.

    Copied from Discord:
    If you a want a “preview” for Upgrade notes (remember, these are the notes), you can look here:

    This will tell you what has changed, but you will still have to manually check and edit the code yourself. I believe the best way at this moment is to start a new project and copy/rewrite your project from scratch (as there still might be bugs in the beta so you will have to check if you made a mistake or if it is a bug that has to be fixed).

  • Well… this is exactly what i was afraid off …

    I remember when a lot of members already asked a long time before if it will be necessary or not to create a complete new project to upgrade to v1.0 and the answers were ‘no need’…

    I just can’t rewrite my project from scratch it’s just too big … that’s why i aksed too in order to be sure that i will be able to upgrade to the v1.0 despite the fact my project is really big … If i have to check in the list you put here and replace/change/adapt steps by steps the components and so on, it will just never end …

  • Sorry it took so long to answer here, but at the moment we are working on the upgrading guide. Here are the Team notes about the process:

    and Matyas from the staff generated a comparison between 0.17 and 1.0:

    We plan to maintain 0.17 for at least a year, but we won’t be adding new features. There will be backported security fixes and we will try to keep packages modern.

  • It would also help just to get the error messages again, currently we would like to be early adopters and give it a try but i dont know how to enable the error messages (same as OP)

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