Quasar v1.0-beta.1 released!

  • @rstoenescu Have you written an upgrade guide (like you did before) that has a specific list of breaking changes from .17?

  • @dgk - an upgrade guide is planned to be released in the next few days.


  • @s-molinari ;

    Hi Scott;
    Is there any plan that Quasar would carry two (min) sets of themes (one for iOS and one for Android or desktop browser), where the quasar framework at runtime would recognize the platform (Mobile iOS or Mobile Android or Desktop) and apply the platform specific CSS to all the components which they will look for their platform? This was brought up last year, but I thought it would be implemented in V1.

    I’ve asked users how important it is that the components (i.e. buttons, list, input and etc.) to look like their native components and the # 1 request was this issue, then performance of scrolling.

    So, is there any plan for the next six months for this to be implemented? Just FYI, Ionic 4 for Vue already has that built in. Trust me, we could lose potential users because Material Look & Feel running on iOS.

    Please discuss this issue among your teammates, and consider it.

  • @Ben-Hayat - Unfortunately, the iOS theme hasn’t been updated for v1. Quasar is now very much concentrated on the Material Design spec. And, currently I believe it’s going to be up to devland devs to come up with an iOS theme, which is possible btw.

    The ability to swap themes depending on platform was already semi-available in Quasar, albeit through different builds and redirection. I realize that’s not the solution you are asking about, but that would still be the current situation too, should there be a devland built iOS theme. There are design decisions made for the theme being “compiled” (i.e. built) with/ into the app and not completely dynamically controllable. Mainly for performance and reduction of code bloat reasons, from what I know.

    You can try out/ go with Ionic Vue, but I doubt you’ll be seriously happy there, because it looks like an afterthought (and still is one) for Ionic. My reasoning for this is, it is still in alpha since November and the last update on the code was 2 months ago. That doesn’t look like progress to me. You are probably better off using the Angular version, which is where it came from and where it gets most of the community attention. 😄


  • @s-molinari

    Well my friend, as always you give me no-BS answer that I can make decision on. Thanks!
    I’m staying with Vue (don’t like Angular)
    I’m staying with Quasar for being “Vue Focused”
    And I’m “hoping” Quasar Team, will keep the iOS Theme subject at the top of the list. This will come up as new developers join Quasar.

    Again Thanks Scott;

  • @s-molinari Oh, ok thanks. But can you point me a similar for npm?

  • @labs20 first npm install -g npm-check-updates
    then ncu -a
    and npm i

  • @rusia Thanks!

  • @s-molinari So did that guide get posted? link please

  • @dgk https://v1.quasar-framework.org/start/upgrade-guide

    The v1 guide has a search function at top left that will be a faster way of finding answers, but make sure you’re on the v1 version as denoted by ‘v1.’ at the start of the URL.

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