Quasar v1.0-beta.1 released!

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    “quasar” v1.0.0-beta.1 has been released. Lots of fixes. Thank you for reporting them!

    • Fixes for TouchPan (recommending another read of docs).
    • babel error on build on QRange #3205
    • QCardAction button alignment for QBtnGroup (#3210)
    • QSelect - prevent submitting a form when enter is pressed (#3208)
    • Fix min-width on input in Firefox (#3206)
    • Fixed QDate + QTime CSS on iOS issues
    • QDate + QTime: enhance model string parsing (#3120)
    • fix(Screen plugin): SSR corner cases
    • fix(QParallax): trying to access invalid node – updated for vue 2.6 compatibility

    Quasar Language Pack related:

    • (new) Esperanto
    • (new) Khmer
    • (new) Malayalam
    • Updated Slovenian
    • Updated fa-ir

  • Great news.

    About the masks on InputText, is it possible to make a repeatable mask, like say “AA#{*}” would accept two letters followed by any number of digits and “AA#{2,5}” would accept two letter followed by minimum of two and maximum of five digits.

    How to make a money mask? “$ #{0,3}.#{0,3}.#{1,3},##” => $ 23.234.321,99 | $ 2,99 | $ 1.899,00

    Thanks a lot.

  • Forgive me if this is not the right place to report bugs.

    The select popup inside the new q-expansion-item is getting trapped inside it.

    0_1549976034768_Captura de Tela 2019-02-12 às 10.47.17.png


  • One more 🙂

    The old QSelect has a filter prop that can receive a boolean TRUE and it “just works”. This is gone now? Why?


  • QDate doenst have the “format” prop anymore. How to set QDate format to “dd/mm/yyyy”?


  • When implementing autocomplete on the new QSelect, loading data from server, after the first time you choose an option and want to search again, the former selection wont get deleted by backspace and the new search param is placed after it.

    0_1549992196743_Captura de Tela 2019-02-12 às 15.22.59.png

  • Its hard do set custom width for dialogs. Say you have a default “search form” that gets dynamically different params when called from different places, and you want this search form slightly wider or thinner depending of the amount of params… on v17 its easy to do with col-x on the main card, but cant put it to work on v1.

    BTW, all in all I’m very impressed on how things became more simple and standardized.

    What a great work you’re doing!

    Thanks a million.

  • @labs20 i think that those type of things should go to the repo, hard to keep track here on the forum.

  • @labs20 I have also been struggling with several problems with the new q-date component. If you figure out how to change the format, let me know!

  • What about Quasar code refactoring to TypeScript, as mentioned in https://medium.com/quasar-framework/quasar-1-0-sneak-peek-727b4e490899 ? Will it still happen until 1.0.0 final release?

  • @jezzta667 Yeah, looks like it is not very stable yet. For some reason the QTime wont work for me as expected, like clicking is not doing anything.

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    @labs20 Update “quasar” package to beta.1…

  • @Team;
    I just saw a video a friend had sent to me that showcased Ionic 4 and Vue. One very helpful feature they had is that they have themes and CSS that covers all their components for iOS and Android and desktop and it automatically switches to the theme for that platform at runtime… This feature didn’t exist in the previous version of Quasar and so far I’ve not read anything that indicates V1 has such theming system. Could you please tell us if this design is part of the roadmap within the next six months?

    Thank you in advance!

  • Everyone is excited by the new version but for me the API has changed a lot.
    I like v0.17. It’s a mature version and I use it for many projects. Why not keep this API in v1 and create a new API for the V2? I’m not sure that V1 is faster than V0.17. All the work is done by vuejs and web browser.
    I gave up Angular, bootstrap for this reason and jumped to quasar. And now, I think Quasar is trying to clone Vuetify (look at the documentations).
    Need to rewrite all projects again. I don’t want to give up Quasar for Vuetify.
    Quasar stays different .

  • @rstoenescu said in Quasar v1.0-beta.1 released!:

    @labs20 Update “quasar” package to beta.1…

    How do I do that? I’ve reinstalled following the get started cli guide but with no success (npm uninstall -g quasar-cli and then npm install -g @quasar/cli)

    0_1550147002544_Captura de Tela 2019-02-14 às 10.16.58.png

  • I’ve edited my package.json to became like this:

      "dependencies": {
        "@quasar/extras": "^1.0.0",
        "quasar": "^1.0.0-beta.1",
        "vue-deepset": "^0.6.3"
      "devDependencies": {
        "@quasar/app": "^1.0.0-beta.4",
        "pug": "^2.0.3",
        "pug-plain-loader": "^1.0.0",
        "strip-ansi": "=3.0.1"

    and then ran npm update and it did the trick.

    Wonder if there is any quasar update CLI command to run inside the project folder…


  • @labs20 said in Quasar v1.0-beta.1 released!:

    Wonder if there is any quasar update CLI command to run inside the project folder…

    Good Idea!

  • Um… to update Quasar in your project, you just run yarn upgrade.


  • @rstoenescu Have you written an upgrade guide (like you did before) that has a specific list of breaking changes from .17?

  • @dgk - an upgrade guide is planned to be released in the next few days.


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