Building Android and Iphone Apps with Quasar - Icons issue; cli issue; etc

  • Hi,

    When I build a quasar app for Android or Iphone using quasar with Cordova I have the following issues that maybe someone can give me a hand with :

    1- The icons I have for my app. When I build the quasar app , the cordova output has on its RES folder the default logos for Cordova. Is there a way to specify on the Quasar.conf.js file which icons to use? This is for both Iphone and Android.

    2- I can build and sign the complete Android app from the command line. Is there a way to execute a build for iphone without having to open Xcode interface, open project and go through all those steps?

    Thanks so much

  • Did you tried the icon gini extensin here

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