tabs Arrows not displaying

  • hi i am having a problem with arrows on desktop display… here in qtabs please help i just copied the script at docs but its not working thank you! i tried to add multiple tab items but still not displaying the arrows

    can anyone of you comment a code snippet please thank you so much!

  • Did you put the tabs within a QPage? I believe that is necessary.


  • u can use v-if and v-else both. like this:

    <q-tabs class="fit" color="indigo" inverted swipeable v-model="selectedTab"  v-if="views.length" v-show="views.length" >
          <q-tab :name="v[0]" slot="title" v-for="v in views" :key="v[0]">{{v[1]}}</q-tab>
          <q-tab-pane class="fit no-padding" :name="v[0]" v-for="v in views" :key="v[0]" ref="panes">
            <instance-view :id="id" :vid="v[0]" :modal="modal"/>

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