Events missing in QTree

  • We would like to use the QTree but would need something like an onCollapse and onExpand or similar events for the tree nodes.
    There are no events for QTree described in the tutorial.

    Can anyone help?

  • Agreed that they seem to be missing direct Expand/collapse events, however you maybe able to utilize the expanded.sync in combination with a watcher to determine what has been expanded and collapsed during that watched event.

  • There are events not documented for QTree.

    Expanded has an event, depending on what is clicked, I believe.

    this.$emit('update:expanded', [])


    this.$emit(`update:expanded`, target)

    There is a ticked event too.

    this.$emit(`update:ticked`, target)

    I wonder if that fires on collapsing. Hmm… `

    Give them a try.

    Taken from the source code:


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