QUploader model

  • Hi guys,
    i would like to have something like v-model for a q-uploader, so that when my form is submitted i can get the url of the uploaded file. How can i achieve it?

  • Do really someone using this component?!! How do you handle it without model? Iโ€™m trying to get it work with maximum 3 images uploaded, but i am failing to find the way how? Itโ€™s a showstopper and i consider to change the framework! Is there someone able to give a good advise?

  • QUploader is great. U only need to see it with different eyes โ˜บ

    What ever u want I can show you just describe what you want in details

  • Hi @syflex ,
    it is great you are ready to help me. So my use case is: i have dynamically created quploader fileds (see the snippet below). What i want to have is when a file get uploaded i need to know to which quploader it belongs. It means i want to have something like a map quploader -->> uploaded file. When i set the uploaded event handler i can either call a function with (file, xhr) parameters, which is helpful but i donโ€™t know from which quploader it is called. If i call my callback function for example fileUploaded(bIndex) i will know which quploader is calling, but there will be no information about the file uploaded ๐Ÿ˜ž As a visual component i also think quploader is great, but i desperately need something like v-model for this component ๐Ÿ˜• Thanx again in advance, every help will be well appreciated.

      <div v-for="(bCol, bIndex) in this.dataModel"
        v-if="isVisibleDiv(bCol)" :key='bIndex' class="col-4">
        <q-uploader v-if="isVisibleUploader(bCol)" url="http://myServerUrl.com" extensions=".jpg,.png"

  • Hi, any updates on this? I am looking for the same answer too. Thanks!

    Nevermind, I will just using file-picker component ๐Ÿ™‚

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