Set Initial Configuration of App window on building electron

  • How can I set initial configuration about electron app?

    For example,
    When I build application at electron mode, I have set initial window size on electron-main.js

    File Path: /src-electron/main-process/electron-main.js

    function createWindow () {
       * Initial window options
      mainWindow = new BrowserWindow({
        width: 2000, // custom value
        height: 900, // custom value
        useContentSize: true

    I found it on my way

    Q. 1
    Is there any problem when I change this configuration on electron-main.js?
    I cannot find quasar documentation texts about changing electron app configuration on this file.

    Q. 2
    What is meaning of ‘useContentSize’ option?

  • changing /src-electron/main-process/electron-main.js is fine!

    consider using mainWindow.maximize()

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