q-editor color font

  • good pm,
    i dont see how to add color pickup in the toolbar of q-editor.
    is it possible ?

  • @olivierph i have the same question. Hard to insert it …

  • It’s possible to add a button, up to the editor component and send an execCommand to change the foreColor to the selected text.

    vue file:

    <q-btn rounded size="sm" color="primary" >
        <q-icon name="colorize" class="cursor-pointer">
                <q-color v-model="mycolor" @change="setcolor"></q-color>
        .........others props .... >

    In the .ts file:

      public myvalue = ''
      public mounted() {
        this.myvalue = this.value
        this.editor = this.$refs.editor_ref
      public setcolor() {
        document.execCommand('foreColor', false, this.mycolor)


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