Quasar without CLI and node.js ?

  • Hi,

    I’d like to use quasar in a way I haven’t find. I’d like to dowload its different files and include them manually in my project. I’d like not to use node.js too.
    Is it possible ?

  • Admin

    Currently not supporting this. It could be done (though with great effort), but the maintenance burden comes upon you.

    But there are major drawbacks to your approach, first that come to my mind:

    1. you need to manually update Quasar when new version is released
    2. you won’t benefit from the smart starter kit so Hot Module Reload, ES6 transpiling, no Electron and Cordova wrapper, code optimization and minification etc etc won’t be available unless you create your own build system. Any changes within Quasar build system must be replicated/adapted accordingly.

  • I understand your warnings.
    Quasar seems very interesting but I have to consider some internal constraints.
    This approach is possible, for example, with onsen ui, vuetify or framework 7.
    Is it something you plan ?

  • Admin

    Yes, it’s on the roadmap.

  • Ok. Then, I’ll wait.
    Thank you for your answers.

  • Hi Razvan. I would like to volunteer the efforts required to do this, however, if you could provide some rough guidelines as to the steps you think should be followed to accomplish the goal it would help alot. I am an old time (54) developer who is using vuejs and quasar to not only learn the frameworks but to also learn all of the associated build tools. What stan.c is asking for and what I have also been looking for is to help get past hello world and use the frameworks in a sample project . Thank you. And also thank you for all your hard work on this framework. The overall philosophy you are pursuing is exactly what I have been looking for.

  • Admin

    @mfoitzik Thank you for offering. If all goes well, I’ll have v0.14 as feature complete by the end of next week (although I’m sure there’s going to be bugs to solve before first beta). This new version will allow Tree shaking which impacts how the current (& not ready) standalone version is built. Let’s wait for the tree shaking to be available and then we can walk you through the simple guideline to make this work. Drop me a message on Gitter or an email so we can communicate faster. Thanks!

  • @mfoitzik how is this coming along? We are looking to do the same thing and the full blown quasar cli is not an option for us for various reasons. @rstoenescu nice work on 14. I think you’ll see adoption go through the roof if this could be a lighter install and fit easier into an existing webpack setup. I understand there are lots of cool things that quasar cli does but for most existing projects switching from an often tweaked and customized existing webpack build is simply not an option or battle that is easily won.

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