How to disable items in an action sheet?

  • Is it possible to disable one or more actions in an actionsheet?

      title: 'Article Actions',
      // specify ONLY IF you want grid mode:
      grid: true,
      // optional; change dismiss label (only for iOS theme)
      dismissLabel: 'Quit',
      actions: [
          label: 'Delete',
          // Optional
          color: 'negative',
          // Choose one of the following two:
          icon: 'delete', // specify ONLY IF using icon
          avatar: 'assets/some-avatar.png', // specify ONLY IF using avatar
          // optional; what to do when user chooses this action;
          // Can also be handled later by using the returned Promise
          // and identifying the action from "action" param
          handler () {
            console.log('Deleted Article')
        {}, // optional separator

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