q-upload dynamic url

  • i want to change the url of q-upload based on some process done by user in the page,
    but when i change the url with computed property its not working, it still the same initial value when the page opens

  • That’s nice. 🙂

    Is there something you want to ask? How about showing us the code you have?


  •         <q-uploader hide-upload-button auto-expand ref="files_uploader_cb" float-label="City Beauty" align="left" :multiple="true"
              :url="file_upload_url_cb" :headers="{ 'X-CSRF-TOKEN': $store.state.CSRF }" method="POST" @uploaded="uploaded_cb"
              @add="add_cb" @remove:cancel="removeCancel_cb" @start="start_cb" @finish="finish_cb" :clearable="true"/>
            computed: {
                file_upload_url_cb () {
                  return '/participant/' + this.participant_id + '?type=city_beauty'

    file_upload_url_cb computed property is used to get the URL for uploading the files
    this.participant_id will have the participant id who will get the file, it will change based on user iteraction

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