Why should I choose Quasar instead of Ionic?

  • I have discarded all the frameworks that I have found and finally I have stayed with these two: Ionic and Quasar.

    When Quasar was created, Ionic worked only with angular, but today it is agnostic to frameworks, therefore, compatible with vuejs. So, what differences does Quasar have with respect to Ionic? What advantages and disadvantages does each one have?

  • Ionic Vue is still in its infancy. It’s still alpha. And it’s not getting that much love. It was a third party addition and was later added to Ionic. So, it wasn’t even developed by the core Ionic team. And, Ionic/Vue is still only the new Ionic Stencil bit in Ionic 4 (i.e. the abstraction of the components from the Angular core) bound to Vue. It’s not really a Vue.js based framework, where the components are also built from Vue.

    That alone should be enough to tell you, Quasar is a better choice. 😄

    But, there is more.

    The Quasar CLI takes care of building your different applications. With Ionic. You must use Vue, so you are talking the same disadvantages (or advantages) as if you were using Vue CLI and Quasar as a Vue CLI Plugin. See here please: https://quasar-framework.org/guide/

    Quasar’s Vue based components are built for speed and developer efficiency, and not only for SPAs, but for all manner of applications possible with Quasar. With Ionic, you aren’t getting this TLC for developer efficiency. Quasar has been built for over 2 years now and only on Vue. Ionic can’t come even close to this.

    With Vue 3.0 coming around the corner with even more efficiencies, you’ll gain those efficiencies right off the bat with Quasar. With Ionic, this isn’t a given at all.

    Quasar has more components for you to work with. And again, they are Vue based. That means consuming them as a developer will just make better sense.

    Quasar’s team are Vue aficionados. That means, you’ll get more direct help, if something goes wrong. And, I’d say the Quasar community is larger now, than the Ionic/ Vue community is. So, if you get stuck, and you are more likely to get stuck with Vue/Ionic, because the Vue binding code for Ionic is still alpha, you more than likely won’t get the help you will get with the Quasar community.

    Are you sold yet? 😁


  • OK, you have convinced me. I’ll go through Quasar.
    The only thing that does not convince me is the support of the project. I read that it was created as a one-person project and that it does not have the impulse of any great company. I am right? Are there plans in the future to have more secure support from some company for example?

  • @pepe-pipo My two cents - we’re solidly on the Vue/Quasar train. The components are world-class, the build tools are great, and the support (we’re a Patreon contributor) is truly excellent. But, don’t let a single guy on a chat board somewhere convince you around decisions concerning your tech stack. Take a day and write the same application in Ionic and Vue/Quasar. A very simple way to feel/decide what is best for you with minimal investment and maximum return.

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