Path of Webpack Configuration File

  • Hi, I’m newbie and testing Quasar Framework on project in my company.
    I admire the amazing features of this framework…

    And, I wondering that how can I access webpack.config.js file.
    I checked default webpack configuration in terminal log by

    extendWebpack (cfg) {

    Of course, I know that I can handle webpack configuration in quasar.conf.js (extendWebpack).
    However, How can I handle webpack configuration using template from quasar framework?

    In case of that I need to add some entry points for multiple-page application or need to change entry file name.
    Is there anything other than the current method(modifying code related webapck in quasar.conf.js)?
    (As default, I know that entry point is single(client-entry.js))

    In other words, I wonder the way that I can handle webpack configuration file more flexibly like create customized webpack.config.js file.

    Thanks in advance.

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