Failed to resolve directive

  • Hi!

    I’m trying to create a custom directive and for some reason is failing.

    I’ve have the intuition that should be done as plugins I didn’t succeed.

    export default ({ Vue }) => {
        Vue.directive('capde', {
            bind: function (el, binding, vnode) {
                console.log('ELEMENT', binding)

    <section v-elemlog class="full-screen full-height">...

  • If your custom directive is called ‘capde’, you should use it like this:
    <section v-capde></section>

  • This post is deleted!

  • I’ve solved:
    Sorry the above was just another attemp. Yes it works with v-whatever-directive. @ouaR’s right! thanks!

    But real issue was because Quasar treates anything outsider kind of like a plugin. So:
    1- In quasar.conf.js file, go to plugins (make sure is not in framework.plugins array)
    2- add there your directive’s filename. NOT the directive’s name
    Done 🙂

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