Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected identifier

  • Not sure if this is quasar/vue related… I have a map with markers within a vue component. At the end of a mapdrag a list is made of all markers in the viewport (with a setTimeout to avoid performance issues with many markers). Everything works as expected but I get a error at the end of a drag/moveend:

    Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected identifier

    No further details…, the error refers e.g. to VM9336 which contains:

    [object HTMLDivElement],[object HTMLDivElement],[object HTMLDivElement],[object HTMLDivElement]

    The number of [object HTMLDivElement] 's matches the number of markers in viewport.

    The error seems to emerge from this function of mapbox-gl.js:

    Actor.prototype.receive = function(t) {
                    var e, a = this, r = t.data, s = r.id;
                    if (!r.targetMapId || this.mapId === r.targetMapId) {
                        var i = function(t, e, r) {
                                sourceMapId: a.mapId,
                                type: "<response>",
                                id: String(s),
                                error: t ? String(t) : null,
                                data: e
                            }, r)
                        if ("<response>" === r.type)
                            e = this.callbacks[r.id],
                            delete this.callbacks[r.id],
                            e && e(r.error || null, r.data);
                        else if ("undefined" != typeof r.id && this.parent[r.type])
                            this.parent[r.type](r.sourceMapId, r.data, i);
                        else if ("undefined" != typeof r.id && this.parent.getWorkerSource) {
                            var p = r.type.split(".")
                              , d = this.parent.getWorkerSource(r.sourceMapId, p[0]);
                            d[p[1]](r.data, i)
                        } else

    As I am pretty much lost…, any idea?

  • Admin

    Seems like trouble for mapbox-gl. Can you set some breakpoints and see where exactly it fails?

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