Sqlite cordova plugin

  • can someone help me out here i am trying to create a database using sqlite however is it returns the error (could not open database) i just followed exactly what the documentation says and the plugin is installed successfully

    this is a mobile app with the android plartfom.
    please refer to the image for the code i have so far.0_1545391694225_sqlite.PNG

  • Hi thamibn, you don’t need these document.addEventListener().

    Ues the vuex store instead.
    Here is a guide https://www.nativescript.org/blog/data-management-with-sqlite-and-vuex-in-a-nativescript-vue-app.
    It’s perfectly working for me.

  • I don’t think we need a nativescript vue plugin to do this with Quasar.

    Just go to your “src-capactor” folder and from there run “yarn add cordova-sqlite-storage”. Attention, you must add the cordova plugin to your capacitor folder, not to your root quasar app folder.

    Then, rebuild your project with “quasar dev -m capacitor -T android” and you can run your quasar code exactly as printed above succesfuly bridging it to Android Sqlite database.

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