Your donations will be doubled by Think Health Data!

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    We have an important announcement to make. We were contacted by Think Health Data, Inc. with the following message for the awesome Quasar community:

    I am excited to announce that the development team at Think Health Data has agreed to sponsor Quasar and match all contributions for monthly contributions made in the month of December dollar for dollar up-to $1500 per month. Think Health will continue to match each month as long as your contributions continue. Importantly, the contributions come with no strings attached and allows the Quasar team to continue developing on the road map it chooses. The Think Health team asks that all contributions be made with the same respect for the Quasar team’s autonomy and vision.

    So your donations will count twice as much now! Many thanks to the people who understand that there are development costs involved for bringing you a free Quasar Framework and they contribute – Quasar exists because of you!

  • Great. congratulations

  • Awesome 🙂 Quasar is a game-changer, congrats.

  • Is there an alternative method of sponsorship? And if so, will that also incur the same bonus? There’s a good deal of unrest with Patreon in regards to free speech and many people are leaving the platform due to Patreon’s obvious ideological possession.

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    @Jezzta667 Thanks for raising this issue. Patreon is not required. It can be sidestepped completely. For this I can issue invoices and we can use direct wire-transfer. Any such amounts are included into the bonus. If anyone is interested, please contact me by email (

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