Moving to Quasar

  • I’m currently using Vue-cli 3 and Vuetify (1-2 months into it). I want to move to Quasar, and use the quickest route.

    But I’m not sure if I should:

    1. scaffold a new project using Quasar CLI, then copy/modify code piece by piece
    2. continue to use Vue-cli, and just import Quasar elements and changing my components as needed.

    How much will I gain from scaffolding with the Quasar CLI in the long run?

  • If you are looking for cross app and cross platform portability of your code, that is what you win with scaffolding with the Quasar CLI. Unfortunately though, that would mean a rewrite of your components to Quasar components.

    If I may ask, what is it you are dismayed about with Vuetify?


  • I am prepared to rewrite my components. I have a few, but the number isn’t scary. A large part of the work so far is with pure or almost pure vue components. If I am going to make the switch, I’d rather do it now than later.

    There are some components missing in Vuetify, but my biggest gripe is the way my app ends up looking. I know I can get everything working well with Vuetify (it is actually a pretty good library), but the docs are lacking, and I find myself constantly struggling to do the simplest things. Most of it has to do with formatting, alignments etc. The vuetify forums have been pretty great, but I just haven’t felt comfortable with it.

    I am going to give Quasar a try for a few days to see how I feel about it to get a good comparison. Starting with some of the things that made me scratch my head using Vuetify.

  • Having tried both and already did the switch to Quasar. If we just want to compare common ground, then I can say Quasar is more flexible and better with performance. But I think vuetify is more popular and mature but hopefully quasar with a satable release 1.0 will have that soon. Also having looked at framework code, quasar is coded in a better way. Beside all that, quasar cli and the cross platfrom code are great. Good luck on your switch.

  • Thanks for your input Zeidanbm. Do you know if there are many breaking changes planned in the 1.0 roadmap?

  • v1.0 will also improve on performance. Razvan has been racking his brains to get some of the complaints made about “slowness” fixed, like a speedier data table and select with larger amounts of data. Good stuff coming soon™ in v1.0. 😄

    There will be some breaking changes in v1.0 yes. But, nothing exorbitant. Get a feel for Quasar. Moving to 1.0 should then be relatively easy.


  • Great, thanks. I’ve got my app scaffolded, trying out the first couple of components now. So far so good. If I remember, I’ll report back here of my experience going through it.

  • The decision has already been made. We are moving to Quasar. I’ve done in 4 days what took me 2 weeks with Vuetify. Working with Quasar just feel better for me. I’m not saying Vuetify is bad (it was a major improvement from straight up Vue). But with Quasar the pieces just come together and click, without any major detours or time spend fiddling with alignments etc. This far, I’m very happy with it.

  • Oh, then you’re really going to like V1.0. 😃


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