Q-Editor update with 'mentionable' tag ?

  • Hi everyone !

    I though about something and why not a new idea directly integrated in the ‘q-editor’ component ?

    The idea is based on vue-at package that i needed to use for my app.

    The problem is that it’s really hard to merge it with the current ‘q-editor’ to have the mentionable option inside the q-editor right now if i want for example to edit a text and tag something in it (not a link)…

    Do you think it could be interesting to have this new option in the q-editor directly ? Or maybe in a totaly new component ?
    After multiple searches on Vue topics and tricks i didn’t find any really good and easy to use feature to create that kind of component to tag or mention someone or something like Twitter or Facebook for instance… That’s why i allow myself to propose this new idea 🙂 ! Because i really love Quasar and want to use it as much as possible !

    I guess it has to be difficult and maybe that’s why it’s not already available on Quasar but it could be definitely a very good point to propose this !

    What is your opinion ? Or maybe you know another library that maybe i missed ?

    Thanks for reading and have a good day !

  • I would love to have that integrated into Quasar:


    look at the examples - “suggestions”

  • That is quite an impressive editor.


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