Infinite scroll inside q-select?

  • I have a SELECT with a big number of results from my database and obviously it’s not appropriate to load them all for multiple reasons (memory, UI rendering performance, etc). So I want to load my select progressively, according as scrolling down.

    Is there any component that suits to my necessity? If not, how can I implement q-select with q-infinite-scroll?

  • To be honest, a select should be used with a smaller set of data. If the users needs to “select” from a larger set of data, like 1k+ (and 1k items to look through for the user is a lot), it should be something more like a look-up field, which is a component you’d need to create yourself currently.

    In another thread, Razvan did say the v1.0 select will behave better with larger amounts of data. But, I’d still think about the UX of having the user choose from 1000s of possibilities. It isn’t a good one IMHO.


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