Datetime input: time out of 'min'-'max' range is still selectable?

  • Datetime component allows to set min and max values for the model thus disabling dates out of the range for the input. However, just the dates but not the time. For instance, if I set ‘min’ time ‘2018-12-02 , 07:00’ and try to pick a time on 2018-12-01 the date will be disabled in the calendar, as it should be. But if I try to pick ‘2018-12-02 , 06:00’ , which is out of the range, hour and minute pickers would still be clickable and the click results in an input event but setting the model to the ‘min’ time, 7:00 in my example.
    Is there a way to capture the click on a time out of the range and capture the exact time the user is attempting to input before it got corrected?

    I think in certain cases users may need an additional explanation why they cannot pick the time they want (no problem with the date). Otherwise, such behavior of time picker looks queer or even as an interface bug. So it’s necessary to access the event of correcting the input time so that it fits the range.

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