q-ajax-bar ? I see a red bar when using axios, not sure why...

  • quick one, it is probably a brain fart on my part.
    I am NOT using q-ajax-bar anywhere directly.
    but anytime I use axios, as a plugin, a see a quick progression bar on top of my page.
    exactly as if I used q-ajax-bar .
    I am using a layout of course.
    Anyone can tell me what I am doing wrong, since I do not want to see this progress bar with each and every ajax call… thx

  • Can’t really tell without seeing your code. But make sure in quasar.conf.js you don’t have the LoadingBar under plugins.

  • For the record, if someone searches for this : when using in dev framework: ‘all’ every plugin is loaded and injected.
    this added a q-loading-bar to the page.

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