Collapsible Should Push Down When Stacked

  • I have a page with a row and three columns and a card with a collapsible inside in each column. The columns stack responsibly as they should but when a collapsible item is clicked this item does not push down the collapsible below.

    Also, when the row of cards wraps — when sidebar is open for example — I see negative top margin on the card that has wrapped.

          q-card(inline style='width: 300px')
              | Cartas Fora do Baralho
                 q-collapsible(group='third-o' icon='all_inclusive' label='In Principio')
                    | Φαβθλασ οπορτεατ ρεπρεηενδθντ cθμ ει. 
    | Ιν ασσθμ cονγθε δοcενδι qθι, vιξ ετ ιμπετθσ θτροqθε δολορεμ. Ει qθισ αλιqθιπ προδεσσετ vιξ.

  • Can you provide a jsfiddle so we can visualize this?

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