cli needs updating to support 3rd-party NPM Quasar packages

  • @rstoenescu
    This is a discussion for the CLI to support 3rd-party NPM Quasar packages.

    If someone were to create and publish a Quasar package to NPM, then the person installing it would have to possibly manually add to the quasar.conf.js file.

    I think that it would be great if the CLI could do some of that work. The postInstall of an NPM package would be perfect for this.

    quasar conf component QPopover QSlideTransition
    This would add QPopover and QSlideTransition to the framework: { components: [ section, if they were not already there.

    quasar conf directives CloseOverlay
    This would add the CloseOverlay to the directives: [ section, if not already there.

    You get the general idea.

  • Added an issue (Enhancement) request:

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