devserver not set cookies?

  • Hei!
    When using default devserver in localhost port :8080 and external data server, browser not set cookies.
    In response header :
    set-cookie: tools.sess=s%3A17285b06-1422-4955-a94d-7f120c496a7a.3GqyYAKtIGv7icPQt01hVJ01d1CWsE8Z2Cxsh%2BX8G9s; Path=/; HttpOnly
    When i do and use prod an all in one server all fine…

  • That maybe is solution:

    Vue.prototype.$axios = axios.create({
    withCredentials: true  })

  • Thats worked (all external server request ‘/api’ with proxy) in ‘quasar.conf.js’:

    devServer: {
      proxy: {
        '/api': {
          target: 'https://localhost:3000',
          secure: false

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