Quasar v0.17.18, CLI v0.17.21, Quasar Extras v2.0.9 are out!

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    Enjoy! (Quasar v1.0 still has full focus – first alpha to be released this month)

    Quasar v0.17.18


    • Update to QSelect - dropdown icon not being displayed when using readonly (#2466)
    • QTimelineEntry: Allow titles slots for Timeline Entries (#2736)
    • Hungarian i18n pack (#2703)
    • Update and improvement of Traditional Chinese i18n pack (#2674)


    • QAutocomplete - valueField should not have default value #2738
    • Safari 9 notification hiding glitch (#2660)
    • QInput: change the way clearValue is computed (#2690)
    • Timeline: Fix overlapping property “display: inline-flex;” styles from .material-icons (#2667)
    • QTabs: nested tabs position (#2722)
    • Centering the time on date time (#2684)
    • QDatetimePicker Mat: enforce min-width in modal and popover (#2672)
    • Add default callback function to openUrl (#2661)

    Quasar CLI v0.17.21

    Updated deps: Quasar Framework v0.17.18, Quasar Extras v2.0.9, Webpack v4.25.1, workbox-webpack-plugin v3.6.3, and many others.

    Quasar Extras v2.0.9

    Package Changes Version Description
    Roboto Font CDN v18 Recommended font along Material theme
    Roboto Font Latin Extended CDN v18 Recommended font along Material theme
    Material Icons CDN v41 Material icons font
    MDI (Material Design Icons) Updated 3.0.39 Extended Material Design icons font
    Font Awesome Updated 5.5.0 Fontawesome icons font
    Ionicons Updated 4.4.5 Ionicons font
    Animate.css 3.5.2 Bundle of animations you can use in your website/app

  • Not sure if this stylus variable is new in the release or not, but I noticed I needed to set it when my inputs were a color when using autofill. Maybe I just missed it previously, but anyway, just incase it helps someone the var name is: $form-autofill

  • Anyone else getting a “(node:22313) UnhandledPromiseRejectionWarning: Error: Exited with code 3” when running “quasar dev” after the update?

  • As always, good job and thanks!

  • @kayex in the quasar.conf.js under devServer: “open: true // opens browser window automatically” – changed to false and my issue went away.

  • Not sure if this stylus variable is new in the release or not

  • Will you update with new Material Design styles and guidelines?

  • Admin

    @n-taddei yes!

  • @kayex I can confirm the need to set open: false

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