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  • I want to make a editable data table.It use for employee to reply some like complain sheet.
    so ,here comes the question.If they open the page and load the data table and also start to edit.
    Because edit one record will take some times.There will be much chance that edit the same one.
    So i desided to use websocket to control that.When someone start to edit a record.Use websocket to lock or remove that record on otherelse’s page.
    The quasar can do that with websocket ,and how?
    If i use the data table components with pagination can also do that?

  • How you consume or implement an API, and the client for that API, is completely open in Quasar. There is no “right way” per se, because you could also do a subscription in GraphQL for the same purposes. The start of your solution is in the events available in each component in Quasar to do whatever it is you want to do with the API - websocket, REST, GraphQL, whatever you decide to use.

    Also, your question is asking for a finished solution for your problem and not for help on an issue with your attempt at your solution to your problem. Therefore, you won’t get any decent answer. You should at least try to come up with a solution first. I hope that makes sense.


  • @s-molinari
    All right,Scott.I’ll start trying that.

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