Add .css file from node_modules folder

  • I want to embed this component in my quasar project:

    I installed it via yarn and while reading the docs I came accross this warning:

    ⚠️ A css file is included when importing the package. You may have to setup your bundler to embed the css in your page.

    The CSS file is in node_modules/vue-qrcode-reader/dist. Since I’m not familiar with WebPack I was wondering how is the RIGHT way to import this css? Should I copy it to my css folder and include it in the quasar.conf -> css array, or there is a better way?

  • I usually end up importing css like that in my page/component script tag. Here is a couple of examples from components:
    import 'font-awesome-animation/dist/font-awesome-animation.min.css'
    import 'vue-plyr/dist/vue-plyr.css'

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