Future plan for supporting Bootstrap?

  • Hello Team;

    Someone asked me today if Quasar currently supports Bootstrap 4.x or if there is plan for BS 4.x.
    If yes, and we develop with current system, will it take a lot of work to change over?

    I’m forwarding this question to the team.

  • two completly different “gui” frameworks… bootstrap 4 works with jquery… quasar is working with vuejs…
    migration would be possible but takes a lot of work.

    quasar will not offer “bootstrap” components… we have all our own customs ones, that are well made!

    cheers max

  • @max
    So, Bootstrap 4 still has dependency on jQuery? If yes, then Bootstrap is out for me.
    Thanks for the reply.

  • Although I agree with NOT needing jQuery to build a Bootstrap like theme. It would be super excellent, if the theming feature of Quasar was more abstracted out of the source code. By that I mean, one could come up with a similar look to bootstrap with Quasar “base” components. In other words, the Quasar components should be broken down so far, that other devs can create their own themed components with them.

    Currently what Quasar has isn’t theming. It’s styling. The title of that section of the docs has always bothered me.

    For instance, currently QBtn has the ripple directive built in. This is a step too far in terms of theming. QBtn should be “theme free”. There shouldn’t be any decision making code for any theme in any “base” component! So, let’s call the base button QBtn and have QBtn-md or something to that effect. With this kind of direction/ thinking/ concept, another dev could take up QBtn and make a QBtn-bs for Bootstrap. Or QBtn-ios for an iOS theme, or Billy Bob could come up with some new theme standard and call it QBtn-bb, 😉 etc. etc.

    Oh, and the ability to include components into the package system should be extended to any component “theme built”, not just Q’s components. So, if devland wants to package either iOS and MD or even BB as part of their Quasar usage, they can.

    I’m just rambling with no idea if this is feasible. But, it certainly would be super cool, if it were possible. For sure, currently, Quasar is much too opinionated for it to be theme-able. It is an iOS or Material Design themed component framework, with a styling option. It is not an open component framework with packaged MD and iOS themes, with components which are “theme-able” from other devs. Quasar would be THE most awesome framework, if it were. 🙂


  • Had a chat with Razvan. Although my idea has merit, it’s not feasible in a component based system like Quasar. At least not where the system should be performant enough to be considered “excellent”, which Quasar is. And I was told, the Quasar components can be reworked so that they “look” like Bootstrap. It’s just a big job to get it done and it won’t be quite the same dev experience like one would have with Bootstrap.


  • @s-molinari ;

    Thank you Scott for the transparent discussion and having a chat with Rasvan.

    I was talking to a vendor with lots of OLD JS codes to be “Ported” to Vue, React and Angular in wrapper mode, and they said they use Bootstrap and the are “jQuery Free”. I got confused. Doesn’t BS use jQuery?

  • Well, Bootstrap - the framework - does use jQuery. What they might mean is they have ported their work completely to Vue, and are only using the Boostrap CSS for the look of their application. I don’t know for sure. I’d have to sniff around in their code to find out.


  • @s-molinari ;

    Possible; They’re still in the middle of porting.
    Another intersesting comment they made, was that, they don’t use the framework’s (AG, React & Vue) VDOM ( I guess because they plan to use one code base), but they plan to create their own VDOM in the future. Almost sounds like they’re building their own framework.

    This whole “wrapper” stuff is very unclear from one vendor to another. Lots of suprises can be hidden behind the wrapper implementation. They DID tell me that they are NOT going to make “Native Vue” components, as they had started. I guess business-wise, doesn’t make sense. Best to milk the old cow as much as possible.

  • Um, if they aren’t using Vue’s Virtual DOM, then they can’t say it is a Vue based system or Vue Native and it would be silly to attach Vue in some other way just to get the publicity. Whatever, it sounds like someone or a group I’d not want to be associated with and I’d certainly avoid using their software.


  • @s-molinari ;

    I have reached to the same conclusion as well. I’m hope to see more “Quasar” based complex widgets, like a full scale data grid. Business apps need these complex grids, as users are used it for the many years. You can’t give them an app that has bare bone minimum grid.
    It’s like to have a fast, light weight sport car, and yet want all the comfort features of a big fat sedan car. 😄

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