How to get numbers of file in q-uploader

  • I tried to use @add and @remove function to get numbers of file.It has a file object as parameter.
    I use file.length,but just can get numbers of file i chosed in windows explorer.
    How to get total of file in the q-uploader.

  • I haven’t used q-uploader, but when I tried this out, this is what I did:

    In my template:
    <q-uploader multiple :url=“url” @add=“uploadAdded”/>

    Then in my Vue code:
    methods: {
    uploadAdded (file) {
    console.log(‘file.length’, file.length)

    I choose 2 text files from my computer, and I saw “file.length 2” appear in my console.

    Do you see any errors when you run your code?

    Did you add this component into the components area of the ‘quasar.conf.js’ file?

  • @somascope
    I tried that too .
    Use the @add and @remove to count.I still think some where in q-uploader still can get it.

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