Adding quasar to an existing vue-cli project

  • Hey guys, could anyone walk me through adding quasar to an existing vue cli project?

    Using a webpack-simple vue cli project and I keep getting this error everytime I try starting a quasar project

    Steps I followed

    • vue init webpack-simple quasar

    • vue add quasar

    • npm install

    npm run dev

    I have not been able to run a successful vue cli quasar project in the past 3 days!

    Here’s the error I’m getting
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  • Oh. I should have seen this in Discord. You are using the old method. Vue CLI 3 uses vue create to make the project.

    These are the steps.

    $ vue create <project-name>
    $ cd <project-name>
    $ vue add quasar
    $ yarn run serve (or npm run serve)


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