Smoother scrolling

  • I have noticed that scrolling in the application is very jerky.
    Any tips / pointers as to how to get a smoother scrolling experience ?
    I dont want to fall back and use jQuery for the same . Any hacks to get a smoother scrolling experience would be appriciated.

  • Admin

    @jonafrank what app are you talking about? Quasar Play? And what pages are you talking about? Also, what mobile platform?

  • @rstoenescu It’s with respect to the application i am developing … I havent wrapped it in a cordova platform yet.
    The problem occurs only when i am scrolling any lists in the application through safari(iphone) and chrome(android). There seems to be a jerk in the scroll regardless of the page size.

    I am asking for a general solution like jQuery provides smoothscroll . Any tweaks that can be made / code snippet that can be applied to any/all scrollable components, so that it makes it jerk free and smooth is what i am looking for .

    I can probably attach a gif , to show the jerks

  • Admin

    Yes, please attach the gif. Thanks!

  • Ah fixed it , @rstoenescu
    -webkit-overflow-scrolling: touch;
    This had to be given in order to fix the jitter… It flows like butter once this was given 🙂 thanks … Should be useful for anyone who faces a similar issue

  • Admin

    @jonafrank That’s supplied by Quasar through .scroll and .layout-view CSS classes. For layouts, it meant you were not using the latter… please check /templates/layout.vue 😉

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