response is undefined with Vue CLI 3

  • Hello,
    I use Vue CLI 3 plugin and in state.js file, but it response is undefined.

    export default {
    preferences: {
    platform:, // this.$
    fullScreen: AppFullscreen.isActive // this.$q.fullscreen.isActive

    It will not fail when I use it in .vue file (this.$

    export default {
        name: 'Home',
        data() {
            return {
                leftDrawerOpen: this.$
        methods: {

    I’m using:
    –Vue version 3.0.5
    –Quasar-framework version 0.17.17

    Similarly create a template with Quasar CLI everything is normal no errors.

    Please give me information to solve this problem. Thanks

  • I don’t think Quasar globals will be available anywhere else other than in components within a Vue project.

    I don’t even understand why this version of Quasar is offered. It is a patch for a problem that I don’t know of and only causes confusion, when it is used. At least I don’t understand what problem the Quasar plugin is solving.

    Quasar IS Vue, so there is no reason to patch it/ plug it into Vue.


  • Hi Scott,

    I would like to mention a problem, when using Vue CLI 3 to build project with quasar framework. Can not retrieve this $ in .js files. Is there a difference between Quasar CLI and Vue CLI.


  • Yes. Quasar CLI is built for Quasar. The Vue CLI is built for Vue. If you want all the features of Quasar, it’s best to use the Quasar CLI.


  • $q only work inside .vue files, if you like to use it then you’ll need to do an import in your .js file.
    import { Platform } from ‘quasar’
    isMobile() {

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