How to correctly install scrollmagic on quasar-framework ?

  • Hello everybody, I want to use scroolmagic as plugin, and connected it the way I show in bottom,
    now I’m trying to use it but it needs 2 more plugins , in regular html i connected them via CDN and there wasn’t any troubles, but here I don;t know how to use it, plugins are:

    • animation.gsap.js
    • debug.addIndicators.js

    I tried to import or required them but it was no effect - import was like this:
    // import * as animation from ‘scrollmagic/scrollmagic/uncompressed/plugins/animation.gsap.js’
    or this
    // import animation from ‘scrollmagic/scrollmagic/uncompressed/plugins/animation.gsap.js’

    but in component I can’t see them

    my plugin code is :

    import ScrollMagic from ‘scrollmagic’
    export default ({ app, router, Vue }) => {
    Vue.prototype.$ScrollMagic = ScrollMagic

    here if the method wich is called inside mounted() hook:

      var controller = new ScrollMagic.Controller()
      let tl = new gsap.TimelineMax().to('#block', 1, {x: -500})
      let scrollscene1 = new ScrollMagic.Scene({
        triggerElement: '#pincontainer',
        offset: 123,
        duration: 1200
      .addIndicators() // this line not working and needs to use the plugin

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