Any plan for a "Kanban Board" component?

  • Hello Team;

    Is there a near future plan to offer a commercial grade quality “Kanban Board” component as part of Quasar framework that follows the theme and can be integrated well into a Quasar page?

    If not, does anyone know a good quality third party can be used in Vue Framework?


  • To me, this is another great example of a devland OSS or even paid for component. Quasar should be a basis for such additions, not have them built into it.


  • The name sounds suspicious but I haven’t actually used it myself:

    I’ve built something similar in my app using Quasar components (cards mainly) and vue-smooth-dnd - Works well but not quick to set-up.

    This is something I haven’t spent enough time on, but basically figuring out how to organize and give back Quasar friendly components to the community.

    Hopefully somebody else has more experience with Kanban boards for you @Ben-Hayat

  • @krsyoung
    I have done some research and there are a few commercial products out there, BUT they are based on jQuery and looking at the sample code, they are very far from the elagant Vue programming model and they directly manipulate DOM and don’t go through Vue system. I don’t want to load up old jQuery and all their related CSS.

    But the one you had the link, is just a toy version and doesn’t have a lot of properties, methods and events.

  • I believe there is a project that is very good that can be used as the basis of this component, see We could wrap around it or hard fork it to create a basic commercial grade kanban board for QF. @s-molinari, believe me this is needed as much as other components in the collection. He is using jQuery to show and hide dialogs, but it’s not dependant on it as i see it so far. I have recommended how he should correct the code.

  • is a very good VueJS component using vuedraggable module + tailwind css.
    Seems a very good code base to port to Quasar !

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