'Async' Initialise Columns and table in data-table component?

  • New the both Vue and Quasar, so perhaps this is easy.

    I have a table which sets ‘table’ and ‘columns’ asynchronously as the view is ‘created’, and refreshes every couple of seconds.

    The problem is, before all this, I need to initialise ‘this.columns’ and ‘this.table’ in a synchronous manner, otherwise I see errors.

    I do this with dummy data, but it seems redundant.

    Any ideas? maybe I should just be happy with what I have (i.e. everything works, just not as nice as possible).

  • It looks like only ‘columns’ needs to be set on initialisation, rather than ‘table’, which is nicer

  • Yes, Vue requires the data object properties (in the data() function) to be available prior to rendering, so it knows what needs to be reactive. This explains why better.


    This, for instance, allows for the dynamic alteration of the columns in the example data table. http://quasar-framework.org/components/data-table.html


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