Quasar v0.17.17 & CLI v0.17.20 are out!

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    On another note, v1.0 work is doing great. Stunning CSS design, 2-3-4x faster render times, a TON of new features, just to name a few things 😉

    Quasar CLI v0.17.20

    • fix: quasar.conf > build > gzip: true breaks build #184
    • feat: Greatly improve assets hashing – fixes some browser caching issues
    • feat: Update to quasar-extras v2.0.8
    • feat: Add support for android-versionCode (#189)

    Quasar v0.17.17


    • QInput - allow password to be shown by default (#2591)
    • [Request] QFab prop to persist on route change #2589
    • Malay language for quasar i18n (#2616)
    • QStepper - allow imbricated QSteppers with different orientation (#2624)
    • QTableColumns - dark property (#2652)


    • QEditor, QColor - assign order for properties (#2595)
    • QSlideTransition - finish a started animation on destroy (#2597)
    • QAutocomplete - keep popup on screen (#2599)
    • QEditor - link editor ENTER and ESC behavior (#2606)
    • QInput - add forgotten cast to number when type is number in __emit (#2605)
    • Thai i18n - translation of November (#2609)
    • Step content is inserted multiple times when switching from Vertical to Horizontal #2601
    • First day of week for some languages: pt, id, th, vi
    • Floating QChip in QBtnGroup (#2623)

  • Thanks for the update and the news on 1.0!

  • Very good news!

    Would to know more about 2-3-4x faster render times.

    Realy need or long selects.

  • Thanks for the update. Quick question: Is there documentation somewhere about “Add support for android-versionCode”? Would I add some element to quasar.conf.js to set this?

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    @ssuess quasar.conf > cordova > androidVersionCode

  • Thanks @rstoenescu ! Likewise, I am trying to get this to build with Xcode 10, and it keeps failing. I added the following in the same area, but the build process seems to be ignoring it:

     ios: {
            release: {
              buildFlag: [

    Any suggestions?

  • @ssuess I was able to get it to build if I open the workspace and change it to use legacy build mode from the workspace settings. Nice to see androidVersionCode added! I suppose that means the other version prop will be used for ios.

  • @smakinson I suppose you mean by opening the Xcode app and changing that setting and building there? Yeah, I got that to work as well, but it would be nice if the command line worked too as it did before…

  • @ssuess I am able to run the build from the command line once I made that workspace settings change in xcode. Here is a cordova related issue: https://github.com/apache/cordova-ios/issues/407

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