vue-cli 3 quasar plugin and default config

  • I am using vue-cli 3 quasar plugin.

    How can I define default config for Quasar plugins in vue.config.js (for example, Notify) ?

       pluginsOptions: {
           quasar: {
               theme: 'mat',

  • why did you use vue-cli in the first place?

  • @Max You are right, I will switch to quasar-cli, ty

  • I have the same question. We have an existing vue-cli-3 project and we’re trying to use Quasar to enhance the user experience. We have it running just fine but there is no quasar.conf.js and I can’t find any documentation to configure it as a plugin option.

  • @droberts
    i think it’s same as you setup other vue plugin. Vue.use(Quasar, { your options object here/quasar config }).
    maybe something like this:

    import Quasar, * as All from "quasar";
    Vue.use(Quasar, {
      components: All,
      directives: All,
      plugins: {

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