Dev mode - Delay to refresh page

  • Hello everyone, I need a tip. When I am in dev mode and saved a file it takes more than a minute for the change to appear on the web page. Is there any optimization setup I can do to make this happen faster?

    Thank you all! 🤓

  • what os are you using? this should be almost instant…

  • Hello, i’m using ubuntu 16.04.

  • what does quasar info give you inside the project folder?

  • Hi, I’m probably having a similar issue. I’ve started a new project using Quasar (for the first time) about a month ago - everything was speedy and fine. Then one day deadlines kicked in with new tasks, I ended up updating Quasar/Cli but also implemented some new plugins like vue-i18n (I didn’t need it back then, had to do it manually). But nothing was “huge” besides i18n (which isn’t itself, I’m only guessing here).

    After that stage (which, unfortunately was committed very poorly, my fault) the typical recompile phase on quasar dev started to take ~12sec instead of the usual 1sec (sometimes even less) from before. I couldn’t stop to take a look on this deeper so far, but some guys at Discord helped me with some tips.

    Right now I’m still having that 12sec, and I’m just waiting for a free afternoon so I can deep-investigate what could be happening. My next step is giving Webpack’s Stats Data API ( to output those stats and analyze them. I suggest you do the same. I’ll probably have this time to do it around today or tomorrow and will come back here with results and conclusions, if any.

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