Modify some properties or methods from quasar

  • Hi, how i can modify some properties or methods from quasar? for example i need change the duration fade on q-select

  • I don’t think that is modifiable. What’s wrong with its current duration?


  • Something like: $vue.$quasar.qselect… for modify the component, I want change the q-select fadeIn speed because is a little slow

  • I’m not 100% certain, but 80% and I’d say, the slider transition duration in QSelect is what it is.

    Interesting thing is, it seems the QSelect component doesn’t use Quasar’s own slider transition component, which does offer a duration prop. It currently uses QPopover, which doesn’t have any animation controls.

    Hmm… maybe make a suggestion that QPopover use the slider animation component. That would also mean, we’d have a closing slide effect, when a selection is made too. With a speedier slide in and out, that could look a lot snazzier. 😄


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